summer wardrobe infusion needed!

I know. It's March. But I'm dreaming of summer over here and well, the stores are just chock full of that attire! It cannot be helped!

Over the course of last summer I lost a little over forty pounds. Which is a really big deal! But now I have a (great) problem. My shorts.... They be baggy. My bathing suits.... They be frumpy. So I'll be needing an infusion of sorts, mainly in these two areas... but of course I can't help but wish for some other things as well yes?

Now I get all my shorts at Old Navy. Always have. Always will. I come from the school of thought that if I find something that works for me well, I'll just go ahead and get them in every color and a staple I now have.\\1 \\2 \\3

For some reason my bathing suit bottoms still seem to fit me, so I would prefer to just get a new top or two that will compliment what I already own. It's always a struggle for me to find something that I love that will not give me super odd tan lines but that still offers coverage and more importantly... Ahem. Support. I have three kids pawing at me all summer long and so I need to know things will be staying covered as they should, you know? Modesty! \\4 \\5

And just for fun I'm figuring since I'll probably be all but done nursing, dresses can be my friend again! I have my eye on a few of those as well as a, gasp! romper! \\6 \\7  \\8

And just because it's fun how about some new sandals? \\9 \\10

It's a whole new Laur this summer! Yay!