sing us a song, you're the piano man (men)

We left our kids again last weekend... I know what you're thinking, three times since October? Laurie staaaahppp you shouldn't leave your children so much! Absentee parent! Why even have kids!? Believe me... it was a lot for us to do. The time we have with them is so very fleeting and we know it! Just the other week Letty decided she wanted to go to Awana at a local church that she had never been in before with a girlfriend of hers. And her friend's mother would bring her home and hey no big deal mom I got this see ya later! And then she had a play date down the street for like six hours the other day and I thought oh, it's starting. Already! The time has come when she would prefer her friends to her parents and she's only five. So yeah, call me crazy, but I'll soak up every waking minute with my three that I can get. I'll get "me" time or "us" time in spades when they are older and off into the world. But not now. Now I'll stay at home in my safe little house just eating up every second.

However. When your husband and your best friend's husband have too much wine on a cold night in December and decide to surprise their wives with tickets to see a Billy Joel cover band (which is what they thought they purchased and instead turned out to be the entire orchestra)? Well then that's a time to get your mom and dad to watch the kids and go out. 
Off to York we went! Who knew York had all these fun murals around? Not me. Not me. Steph was like my tour guide as we walked around their old college stomping grounds. Having all sorts of nostalgic feels I'm sure.
We quite accidentally stumbled upon York's St. Patrick's Day celebration... whoops. Guess that just shows our age or stage of life right? We weren't in green! We just wanted a table for dinner! What do you mean no call ahead? Wine in a plastic cup? Well then! We had dinner at the White Rose Bar and Grill, which was amazing. The guys ordered a crab cheese fries appetizer which I mean, crab is okay I guess just not with my cheese fries. But ranch! All the ranch. I got a burger because I stick with what I know. And a side of four pickles because no one else likes pickles?! Travesty! I'll take them all. We also got to witness a bit of drama involving a dozen security guys chasing a regular across the street and police cars and firetrucks and ambulances which just added to the whole "we don't belong here" vibe. If you ever go to this place get the onion rings. Only the best onion rings of my life.
Then we walked down the street to The Strand where the concert would be. We had no idea what to expect walking in... and we felt just as out of place there as we did in the packed standing room only green clothed bar. We were about a generation and a half behind the rest of the attendees. Only one of our group had white hair.... And we were in jeans instead of suits and jackets. I couldn't even take a decent selfie I was laughing so hard at this predicament our husbands got us in to. We immediately ordered all the wine before going to our seats...All four of us figuring we would be leaving shortly because this had to be a bad idea.
Matt and Mark thought of everything when they ordered not just four tickets no, but six tickets in total... So that we wouldn't have to sit next to anyone. Because a Billy Joel cover band is a hot ticket item that will most definitely become standing room only. So they thought. Turns out it wasn't such a bad idea those six seats. And I'm sure the other patrons were thrilled they didn't have to sit that closely to four individuals who sang every song. Every single song.
Truth be told as hysterically awkward as we felt initially we ended up having the best time. I haven't laughed that hard in... I don't know how long. Steph's constant narration of events around us... the good tunes.... The silliness of the whole situation was just fantastic. I just really like to see my best friend rocking out to Rocket Man you know? 

So boys of ours, well done. This was an epic night. The company was perfection. The food was banging. The concert was awesomely nostalgic and it was a most fun very good night.

A special thank you to my mom and dad for taking such good care of our kids for us while we were out and about. The four of us just kept saying how much our parents would have enjoyed it and that next time? Next time our husbands purchase tickets in a wine induced night in December for a Billy Joel band they'll be sure to get tickets for all four of you as well.  You're welcome in advance. And I guess maybe I shouldn't get so sad  by Letty moving on then right? Here we are, four adults, wishing our parents could have been with us at the concert.... So there is hope. Right?