otbn | 2016

Last weekend contained one of our favorite nights of the year! A night where we absolutely never fail to get a babysitter and we leave our children! Oh gasp! We haven't had a night out since October which really doesn't bother me in the least but to some it does. Not to me. I love my kids, like a lot. I don't like leaving them for just anything, and I normally miss them and end up talking about them the entire night anyways... But this night isn't just anything. This night is a night of wine intensity. 
Each year there is a theme of some kind, and this year was an Around the World theme. Everyone chose a country and also brought a side dish from that very same country as well as wine from that country. We chose Chile. 
After mingling for a bit and eating for a bit then the tasting began. Everyone tells a bit about their wine and we taste and we laugh and so on and so forth. There was a trivia game that I sucked really bad at... As well as a name that grape game which I got one right on. It was a four way tie apparently so we had to do another blind tasting and had to name that grape. Which we all got right. Apparently we just all really know our Pinot Noir. So another tie breaker was needed. Then it was guess the year of that bottle to which I was closest, only a year off. I won a bottle of Kosta Browne. Amazing
And now to find an occasional amazing enough to open it up for right?
Thanks again to our lovely hosts for having us over and a thanks to my parents for not only bringing us dinner but for watching the kids! 

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