my tattoo(s) stories

First of all... sorry dad. I know you hate tattoos. You can just go ahead and ignore this. And no, I don't have more than you think I do. Just five.

I always wanted tattoos that I could cover up quite easily should I wish to. For professional reasons naturally but also because my dad really hated tattoos and I wanted to respect him at least in not shoving them in his face. I also didn't want to be the bride with the tattooed body if I'm being honest. So three of these have actually never been and never will be photographed. Ahem. So starting with the most recent....

2007. Matt's father passed away very suddenly a week before our wedding... Once the dust settled we decided we would both go get tattoos in Dave's honor as it were. Matt got a cross on his back (and threw up mid tattoo session! Ha!) and I got these angel wings that my kids refer to as a mustache. I successfully hid this from my father for something like 4 or 5 years which is something considering all the races and running we have done together. Lots of low pony tails. 
2006. I was down in Orlando visiting Kerri. This is probably my favorite tattoo, "la dolce vita" means "the sweet life" in Italian. I really love script tattoos. I wish I hadn't made it so low, but again, I wanted to be able to cover it up.

2006. I was angry at my parents and decided a tattoo was the best revenge. I was at my most mature moment in life. I had been tossing around the idea of a hibiscus flower for quite some time so it wasn't that impulsive... But I just walked in and plunked down some hard earned coin and got it. Right on my left hip bone.

2005. Kerri (I'm starting to think she is a bad influence on me. wink wink.) and I drew up little doodles in class all the time and wanted to do this bonding tattoo business together. We hit up a really shady tattoo parlor... The guy was a Wiccan and we practically sprinted out afterwards... We wore flip flops naturally and it was something like February but we just had to get the tattoos before our Spring break cruise.
2001. I was in college and over 18. I really like teal blue, like the color of the Caribbean water. I wanted something I thought had a cool meaning... And I decided on the celtic symbol for the never-ending love of God. This should never have been in color in my opinion. I don't think I like color tattoos on myself. It looks like four intertwined hearts orrrr a four leaf clover. But you'll never know, because you'll never see it. It's on my low (low) back.

After my first tattoo the artist informed me that I would be back. They are addicting he said. And yeah, I would say he was right about that. I still want some more.... Real small ones maybe on my forearm or my wrist... or a quote on the side of my ribs (not that anyone would see that either obviously). But then I think of all that money that could be spent on other more responsible things and so no.... At least not anytime soon. Besides, I'm a mom now...

So don't worry dad.



  1. I love all your tattoos! And.. I have an appointment for my next one!!

  2. girl i'm planning my next ones. i really like this post bc i feel like they all have meaning or are tied to a time in your life. i loved getting them with you! if i ever dragged you to my home i'd take you to my shop. which i can walk to. which is likely dangerous. ha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Love it. I have 5 too! I think I only regret one.. (damn you, Chinese symbol/tramp stamp fad) hahaha

  4. Love this post! I just have the one but am constantly tempted.

  5. Oh my goodness, hearing that Matt's dad passed away the week before your wedding just breaks my heart. I love that you both got tattoos in his honor. I have two tattoos (only one of which my parents know about) and I hope to get two more eventually.

  6. Love that all your tattoos have a special story with them. I still have just the one. I haven't felt the need for more yet but maybe it just hasn't been long enough yet. Haha

  7. haha besides you're a mom now =) Poor dad. My grandma took me to get mine pre-18. She's cool like that. I'd get another if I had any decision about what and where.

  8. I have zero tats but I want one, like you said, that would be easy to hide or cover up. The angel wings! I love those. I want to get my kids names somewhere, maybe a foot tattoo? Who knows, maybe one day!

  9. Love tattoos! I'm thinking one day I'll get a second...

  10. I love the stories behind tattoos! I have juuuust a few myself, and the stories behind them are crazy. I don't know if I would be willing to write a post though. My mother would be very pissed! HAHA! I can't wait to get more now that I am done breastfeeding and not currently with child.


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