moversary | it's been two years!

It's very hard for me to believe that it's been two years since we left our first home and moved back to my hometown.... When we moved into this house I had such anxiety about David falling off the step down into the living room because he was only 19 ish months at the time... And now he plays alone in the fenced in backyard (with me checking on him ohhhh every 45 seconds) and there is another little boy now that I worried about and trained how not to fall off that same very step. And during these two years the house itself has gone under quite the overhaul. And then again. A few places are on their second paint color because we just cannot help ourselves I suppose? Here are some rooms as they stand now...
The same rooms as taken a week after we moved in...Just slightly different right?
As I'm sure we are well aware we are currently in the midst of The Great Kitchen Remodel... Two phases are complete with one (big) phase to go. Do we have more future projects in mind? Why of course we do! Such as...

- Finish up our perennial garden
- Build a vegetable garden (out of sight)
- Build a firepit
- Potentially adding more landscaping outside the fence
- Redo our master shower (yikes)

Annnnnnd I think that's it! Maybe?

Last year's moversary here!



  1. oh how things have changed - but for the better! no more orange which hey orange is fun, but you picked way more classic colors now. evolving style if you will. growing up, etc. hehe

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Your house makes me realize I need better window treatments. And more imagination. lol.

  3. That's it, huh? I totally don't believe you! You seem like the type to be constantly improving!

  4. ahh i keep going back and forth between the two photos. love house evolution!! and wow 2 years really flew by!! i seriously cannot believe it's been that long!! looks amazing, of course! you guys are inspirational the way you knock it out like that!!


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