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kitchen remodel phase two


As you saw last week, we recently painted all of our cabinets gray. That of course was only phase one. Phase two was a backsplash and brick veneer accent wall. Which leads me to the unveiling of phase two. We just love it so very very (very) much. The brick turned out awesome! I want to brick all the things! I also like how bright it is now with the subway tile which then has led me to putting less stuff back on the counter tops. I removed as much as I could...I want to be able to see all Matt's hard work all the time, with nothing blocking my view. So, what do you think?
And of course the before and the after....
A special thanks to my parents for handing out store credit like candy and making these first two phases financially possible! We love you and appreciate you so!

To see what this kitchen looked like before we moved in.... click here!



  1. that tile is everything. seriously. i just love it. and that brick! omg. swoon. i cannot wait to see it next month. also i am the same way about my counters if possible. tile is pretty :) just a cleaner look.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. the brick! I die! and subway tile, naturally awesome. Love it. Is there a phase three? I don't recall if you said...

  3. Umm...can I be added to your parents store credit gifts??? This looks amazing!

  4. seeeeriously, i am love. ing. IT!! the paint = amazing. the backsplash really took it to the next level. and the brick!!! what a dream!!! you guys really knock it out every time!

  5. You may get an angry call from Mike soon saying you are putting ideas in my head! lol Love love love it alllll! Amazing job as I've said before ;)


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