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kitchen remodel phase one.


We have finally bit the proverbial bullet with our kitchen and are making it happen. First step was painting the cabinets (post on the how to do that coming soon). Then we will do a backsplash followed by flooring. All major undertakings and all quite insane. While we had the kitchen torn apart we decided to spray paint all the door knobs as well as fix up our stools because they  had definitely seen some better days. So what do you guys think?
This project was bananas. But what bang for your buck (and labor).  What a difference!
To see what the kitchen looked like when we moved in see here it's a doozy!



  1. good lord what a difference - it looks amazing. cabinets are no joke though. and a backsplash will really take it to the next level! cant wait to see :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Wow, looks great. I went to see the before pictures and WOW!!!! I love the color you picked for the cabinets. So we have painted our cabinets twice now and it's been a nightmare....can i ask what type of paint you used? I went over the weekend to try a different kind...and here we go AGAIN...hopefully the third times a charm.

  3. Love the change! You two are amazing at this stuff!

  4. It looks great!! I love the paint color you chose for the cabinets.

  5. When are you guys getting your own DIY show? Should I start a facebook petition? I don't have Facebook though. LOL

  6. Oh I love it! Your cabinets look fantastic! We may do a backsplash this spring, but we're not brave enough to conquer it ourselves!

  7. It looks so so good! Really modernizes and freshens up the space etc etc :)

  8. Amazing what a little paint will do! backsplashes are my fave. I'm sure it'll look fabulous when you are done!


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