if only it was platform 9 3/4

Oh what can change in a year! While stressful, this was such a fun day for us last year. It was Charter Day once more on Sunday, which means free admissions to state museums! And of course in the minds of my children the only museum they have eyes for is the Railroad Museum of PA.

Now our Fitzs were out of town this day... and Matt was knee deep in grouting on Kitchen Remodel Phase II, so it was just going to be me and the kids. David seems to have caught the nasty stomach bug that took Dom down last week, but on Sunday he was acting his normal self so I pushed it and just went, even though I probably should not have. He was just so excited to go, you know?

I wore Dom in the wrap, which I don't think I've done since November? Anyways, it still worked great and he was happy in there so hey, why not! The big kids did an excellent job staying together and right by me, and I even managed a bathroom run! Besides boarding the actual trains, David's favorite part is the toy train building. Which in hindsight I should have just stayed away from knowing what I know about David and leaving toy trains... Since I had zero reinforcements. But I didn't stay away because he does love it so and well... it was by far the ugliest display I have heretofore seen from any child of mine. Or anyone else's for that matter. I can almost laugh about it now, but he's quite lucky that we had a long long walk to the van which gave plenty of time for mom to calm down.... very lucky. He's also into this new thing where when asked to smile nicely he makes a silly face? Yeah no. That can go.

Anyways. So trains!
May next year's Charter Day be quite calmer!