happy saint patrick's day!

We don't have a lick of Irish in us, but our Fitzgeralds, well... they surely do. And they generously clothe my children and so! Every March we bring out our green wear and celebrate with the best of them! 

And of course I try and get my kids to all sit still and to all smile simultaneously and to even look at the camera, such lofty goals that I have. Dominic attempts escape. Letteria attempts containment. David attempts to continue watching whatever it is on tv behind my back.... It's just generally lovely chaos. We had a moment when Dom's head made contact with Letty's cheek where I thought we would not be able to come back from the edge of the cliff, but! She was able to continue on! Gosh, it's hard being a little kid.

Anyways, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
And I think in this last one Dominic is contemplating eating his brother's face.

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