easter photos

Happy Easter weekend everyone! I hope you and yours have a truly wonderful time! We have a lot of festive things planned for the next three days where I am sure the kids will eat waaay too much chocolate, but hopefully good memories will be made. 

A few days ago my sister-in-law set up a little area in her house for us to come on over and get the kid's photos taken, and as always I love them a zillion times more than the ones I took (scrolling way down you'll find them). Thank you thank you Ashley! And sorry Dom wouldn't cooperate. He's the baby, you know how that is.

Rewind a week and here is my attempt...me trying to channel my inner Ashley, which we all know I cannot do. It was a little too cold to head outside and take these, not that the outdoors are anything beautiful up here in March anyways. So inside it was...I tried.

Past Easter shots here and not much beats these here.