dye the eggs. all the eggs.

We always dye eggs together, as a family, with my sister and sister-in-law and mother. Just like with Christmas ornaments we try a new design out each year. And just like with the ornaments, we find most of them to be duds. We saunter on, trying different ones each year anyway. Glutton for punishment as it were. Thank you Pinterest! This year everyone had a free for all trying their hand at a different kind. Modge podged newspaper clippings, modge podged feathers. Brown eggs and glued Spanish moss. Blue and gold. Baby fingerprints. You name it. 

This was all of course after the children did their own egg dye jobs of old. You know the drill. Drop the hard boiled egg into the color for three seconds before deeming it good and moving on to the next egg. Then asking every six seconds if they were dry so that they could color on them and put stickers on them. Are they dry now? How about now? Now? That. And wine. 
And of course I'm sure you noticed that Letty was the photographer for quite a bit of this evening...

Last year's eggs here and before that here.



  1. that is a mighty ambitious tradition. I'm all for the drop and done method. but hey if wine is involved...

  2. you guys have the best holiday traditions and i really wouldn't have it any other way. wine is needed of course. and those babies - lena's faces crack me up!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I love the moss and feather and speckled ones!
    I stopped dying eggs about 10 years ago but the nieces and nephew still participate. I like to leave them in forever so the colors are pigmented and rich!

  4. Aww! So fun. We didn't dye eggs this year :( We just ran out of time.

  5. Wow you even got Matt to join? He's such a good sport Steve would laugh at me if I suggested that haha. All the kids are looking adorable as usual. :)


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