bunny village

This was new! The Country Barn in Mountville has itself a Bunny Village in the spring! It was a lovely Saturday before Easter and so my mother and I took the opportunity to enjoy the village and the fresh air all while letting the kids roam free. Mom kindly treated us to the wagon ride which also included the entrance to the village. There was a maize, tractor slides, spider web rope climbing thing, riding toys, wagon rides, baby animals, one scary turkey in the mood, the Easter Bunny and actual bunnies! If you've been paying attention this would be our third bunny visit so well yes. Why not right? He's there. The kids love it. 

It was cute and fun and thank you mom for treating us to such good times!



  1. love that last shot. and while the bunny is a little terrifying, the photos are cute as usual. also spring!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Dom looks perplexed by the sheep...I think sheep.

  3. So fun!! I love the slides, and the little tricycle track. My kids would be all over this!

  4. bunny village! how could you ever resist a place called bunny village?!!

  5. So cute! Looks like a really fun time :)


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