antique cars and a scavenger hunt

There's this museum, the Antique Automobile Club of America, which is a really cool venue one of my girlfriend's from high school got married in.... Such a fun wedding. Anyways, they have this Easter egg scavenger type thing two Saturday's in March and well it was cold here this past weekend so an indoor egg hunt that also included the Easter Bunny? Need I be sold? I was sold. 

The kids were free with an adult admission, there were hot dogs and popcorn and bunny juice (pink lemonade). The eggs weren't hidden by the exhibits, which would be rather concerning if I was the curator. But they had baskets set up with clues as to the location of the next one. For example, what would be used to play music in the 50's? And then that basket was by the jukebox, etc. All surrounded by the antique cars and buses and motorcycles. Even the bus used in the filming of Forrest Gump is there. Jen-nay! 

I naturally enlisted my always up for an adventure Fitzs as well. Makes it all so much better yes? The museum didn't know what hit them when we came a walking in.

The only one to get a kiss in my family was Dominic. That kid gets toooo many kisses. No, that's not true. Never.