a chocolate bunny

We have always headed up to Hershey's Chocolate World to see the Easter bunny with our Fitzs each year. And heck, last year we went twice to this very same bunny. He's a nice looking fellow, and you can take photos with your own camera and aren't pressured into purchasing the photos yourself. So in other words, it's free. And then you can hop aboard the Chocolate World Factory Tour thing. And so on Good Friday, this is just what we did. 

Ashley and Mikayla joined us as well as the Fitzs that could. We arrived just in time for the bunny's return from break. Liam didn't quite enjoy the bunny, but to him that was far superior to the ride later.... And Mikayla enjoyed the bunny even more. I've never seen that child move so fast to get anywhere as she moved when plopped down on that bunny's lap. Hell to the no mom. 

The ride is currently under construction so it's a bit blah as of now but the free chocolate at the end did not disappoint. Since we were here we figured we would get those bigger kids measured up next to the characters to see what rides they would be okay to go on this summer. Two Reese's, one Kiss and one Chocolate Bar. Not to mention two Miniatures of course. A successful trip of many to be at Hershey this year!

Last year bunny here. Year prior here.



  1. ha your kids were all about it. unphased. love that. bunnies in human size can be terrifying though, i get it

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Your ex-neighbor's little girl has the cutest outfit. Love the ride sizing thing. We've been to Hershey but I never noticed that before, probably because I was tall enough and without children?

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  4. Haha Mikalya. That IS a nice looking Easter bunny. Not so creepy.


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