10 things that make me happy rightthisverysecond

1\\Any form of heat creating device. My fingers are like ice all of the time. Blankets, space heaters, fireplaces. I know it was warm for a few days recently but man am I still dethawing from the winter!

2\\Coffee! Also heat creating but also so so much more!

3\\Well it is a Friday afterall so I'm happythat we get to hang out with our best friends tonight, like every Friday.

4\\Scrolling through pretty blogs and Instagram accounts. I just like to look at pretty things what can I say? Like Brittany, just try and scroll through her blog and not get the warm and fuzzies. You cannot. And here is my newest favorite Instagram feed too! Bangs for days...

5\\This Fixer Upper group on FB that Steph invited me too. People helping people and actual photos in actual homes of people who just really want to be like Joanne Gaines. We all should want to be a bit more like Joanna Gaines.

6\\I'm still really living up the good news we got regarding Letty last week. We had been concerned about her academically and got her evaluated and it was all good! It's funny how you can hear someone else say something about your child and it change your entire viewpoint. Well not funny haha but funny interesting. I went from thinking, she's totally "normal" academically just stubborn to omg she has dyslexia I just know it within the course of an hour. And then after last week's meeting to be like well I knew she was "normal" all along, duh! Just nice to have it confirmed by professionals am I right? And hey! She knows fourteen letters now! Slow clap for Letty!

7\\This sweatshirt. It's warm! It was so cheap! And I love the sentiment. Thanks for finding it Kelsey!

8\\Our cabinet doors are finally back up! If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that we decided to take the plunge and paint our cabinets... well my kitchen is finally put back together after six full days of chaos and I looooove the finished product! I may never leave...

9\\Finally deciding on what to do with David next year. I hate when something is unresolved so having it waiting in the wings was getting old. We're switching preschools for the boys after much much (much) deliberation. So yay for no more discussions! It has been decided.

10\\That I'm done shopping for the Easter Bunny. Not that the kids need more toys, of course they don't. But I do so enjoy crossing things off my list. Among a few other small things, Letty will get this Headband Set because the girl is on a headband kick and she just loves all things "art" related. David will get this Baymax Action Figure and Dominic will get this Glow Seahorse because the poor poor boy sleeps alone and its time he gets a friend.  Now to hide the candy from Matt...

So what's been making you happy lately? Happiness all around! 



  1. what makes me happy? booking flight to see you :) i like this post. and so so glad to hear that about letty, i wasn't sure what the verdict was. ALL the things. coffee, wine, etc. :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. you are a love and your blog makes me happy!!! also coffee :) :) and amen to we should all be more like joanna!! and men of the world, a smidge of chip, please! cabinets are fa-law-less, just as i expected... and still all the yays for letty! and preschool decisions!! i hate having decisions undecided, too. i may have to do a making me happy post, too, after this! xoxoxo

  3. Gotta love that sweatshirt, and the fact that you snagged it for six dollars less! ha!

  4. What makes me happy?! Uhm, I am with you on coffee. We also are switching Toris preschool (but only because this new one is a block away from the house) so YAY for walking her to school!!! And uhm.. ordering two bathing suits that are a size smaller than I wear right now in hopes that I will fit them in June. Oh and that I am totally ready for Toris bday party on Sunday! No rushing around for me this weekend :) Loved this post btw!

  5. Oh that's so so good to hear about Letty! Love the idea of this post! I feel like this is something I should make myself do daily just to remember all the good things in life :)

  6. I'd finish Aria's easter basket if I had anywhere to hide it! It's 54 atm and I'm freezing. I think I'll need all the warm making devices next winter. And then more. And then wear all my clothes.

  7. Excellent list. So happy you got good news about Letty! I am still defrosting too. bring on summer. :-)

  8. So what was ever decided for David for preschool? And so wonderful about Letty! Such a relief.


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