whitcomb photography egg hunt

Friends of ours from college have a photography studio, Whitcomb Photography. This year they decided to host their first annual Easter Egg Hunt. Had we not known them since 2001 we still would have gone to this hunt. They had quite the nice turn out! Donations were taken for Caitlin Smiles. They had coloring pages and chalk for the kids and then the actual hunt separated by age group. 

So how did each kid do?? Letty and David did just fine, they get the whole drill. David was disappointed he didn't get the golden egg that meant a free photography session.... he only threw himself on the ground four times. Dominic just wanted to roam around the parking lot and could care nothing for eggs. Mikayla was extremely timid and well I don't blame her some kids can be quite aggressive. And then Lena just did a lot of watching and an occasional egg grab. She is just a big girl at heart but is quite observant before making any sort of leap. How I love that we can go to events like this all as one big giant family. I'm so glad my kids have cousins they are close to to make all these memories with.

Already looking forward to next year's Whitcomb Egg Hunt!


bunny village

This was new! The Country Barn in Mountville has itself a Bunny Village in the spring! It was a lovely Saturday before Easter and so my mother and I took the opportunity to enjoy the village and the fresh air all while letting the kids roam free. Mom kindly treated us to the wagon ride which also included the entrance to the village. There was a maize, tractor slides, spider web rope climbing thing, riding toys, wagon rides, baby animals, one scary turkey in the mood, the Easter Bunny and actual bunnies! If you've been paying attention this would be our third bunny visit so well yes. Why not right? He's there. The kids love it. 

It was cute and fun and thank you mom for treating us to such good times!


a chocolate bunny

We have always headed up to Hershey's Chocolate World to see the Easter bunny with our Fitzs each year. And heck, last year we went twice to this very same bunny. He's a nice looking fellow, and you can take photos with your own camera and aren't pressured into purchasing the photos yourself. So in other words, it's free. And then you can hop aboard the Chocolate World Factory Tour thing. And so on Good Friday, this is just what we did. 

Ashley and Mikayla joined us as well as the Fitzs that could. We arrived just in time for the bunny's return from break. Liam didn't quite enjoy the bunny, but to him that was far superior to the ride later.... And Mikayla enjoyed the bunny even more. I've never seen that child move so fast to get anywhere as she moved when plopped down on that bunny's lap. Hell to the no mom. 

The ride is currently under construction so it's a bit blah as of now but the free chocolate at the end did not disappoint. Since we were here we figured we would get those bigger kids measured up next to the characters to see what rides they would be okay to go on this summer. Two Reese's, one Kiss and one Chocolate Bar. Not to mention two Miniatures of course. A successful trip of many to be at Hershey this year!

Last year bunny here. Year prior here.