when a husband plans a blog post. again.

One of my most popular posts I've ever written is this one here. I may not understand it but there you have it. So I'll give the readers what they want I suppose... Five random questions asked by Matt that I in turn answer late at night after a glass of wine. Or two.
M: If you could have a perfect day how would it go and what would you do? Just you don't worry about the other four of us - JUST YOU! And this is all day - horse ass. Be descriptive.
L: If I must I would be somewhere quiet. Possibly getting a pedicure. Some wine. But no one touching me or pawing at me.

M: What is your absolute favorite thing to do? And please don't say be with family.
L: That's not fair. So then....Drink wine. Or watch movies. 

M: What is your biggest pet peeve about your life partner?
L: You chew with your mouth open. Or that you're in a room and don't recognize a conversation is happening that directly involved you. Or when I have told you something, you have responded to what I've said, and then later you forget the entire thing even occurred.

M: Favorite movie ever? Ok fine let me rephrase if you had amnesia what is the first movie you would watch for the first time?
L: How do you pick just one? I want to say Count of Monte Cristo but I don't know why. I just remember the first time I watched that I thought wow... This is just a really freaking good movie.

M: Prized possession? 
L: My grandma's ring. Or photo albums. Which I mean nowadays you can scan and have external backups but as a child I used to fear losing my photos.... but now I guess just the ring. Wait are my kids possessions?



  1. kids are possessions sure! haha until they are 18? jk forever :) i love when matt asks you questions. next time i visit, he needs to ask both of us questions then we write it down. yes.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. ahhh i love this!!! you guys are a good blog couple team. ;) and also, hahaha, husbands must all have a condition regarding conversation, lack thereof, or lack of conversation remembering. oh and YES "please don't say be with family" hahaha that's me too, me too. also drink wine. but who are you gonna drink it with, you know?! FAMILY!

  3. This was so good! And I love the third one, one pet peeve, and you list three! LOL :)

  4. Haha I can totally relate to the biggest pet peeve about your partner! Steve and Matt are very similar in that way.

  5. LOL @ kids being possessions. I guess they technically are? Wine and pedicure sounds like the perfect day for me too!

  6. Omg! The biggest pet peeve about your partner.. Hahahahaha!!! Must be every.single.husband.on.the.planet.

  7. I like that you had a nice long answer for "What is your biggest pet peeve about your life partner?".


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