when a husband plans a blog post. again.

One of my most popular posts I've ever written is this one here. I may not understand it but there you have it. So I'll give the readers what they want I suppose... Five random questions asked by Matt that I in turn answer late at night after a glass of wine. Or two.
M: If you could have a perfect day how would it go and what would you do? Just you don't worry about the other four of us - JUST YOU! And this is all day - horse ass. Be descriptive.
L: If I must I would be somewhere quiet. Possibly getting a pedicure. Some wine. But no one touching me or pawing at me.

M: What is your absolute favorite thing to do? And please don't say be with family.
L: That's not fair. So then....Drink wine. Or watch movies. 

M: What is your biggest pet peeve about your life partner?
L: You chew with your mouth open. Or that you're in a room and don't recognize a conversation is happening that directly involved you. Or when I have told you something, you have responded to what I've said, and then later you forget the entire thing even occurred.

M: Favorite movie ever? Ok fine let me rephrase if you had amnesia what is the first movie you would watch for the first time?
L: How do you pick just one? I want to say Count of Monte Cristo but I don't know why. I just remember the first time I watched that I thought wow... This is just a really freaking good movie.

M: Prized possession? 
L: My grandma's ring. Or photo albums. Which I mean nowadays you can scan and have external backups but as a child I used to fear losing my photos.... but now I guess just the ring. Wait are my kids possessions?