what's in my makeup bag (drawer)

Have we established I'm a bit nosy? Have we also established that I have had the same makeup routine since I was 17? So with those two things in mind as I recently cleaned out my makeup drawer I thought ha! Document my weirdness! My lack of creativity! My brand loyalty as it were! So here is what is in my makeup drawer... Because that's where I store it, not in a bag no, but in a drawer surrounded by Matt's pills and our toothpaste. Riiiiight there.

Starting right off with the uber important, exactly six different shades of lipstick. These would be worn on only the very special ish of occasions and so normally end up in the very back of the drawer behind the pills.
When I say I have literally been using these same products since high school I actually mean just that. I never try a new shade. I never mix it up. Most of the year I don't even use the Aquasmooth thing, foundation? Makeup? Whatever you want to call it... I usually reserve that for winter months only so it lasts like... forever. The bronzer and eye shadow happen daily, no matter what. Forever and ever.
You might query why I would have three tubes of mascara... and well that would be because they are all on different levels of emptiness... One is practically a dried up old hag of a bristles and I had been using it to fill in my eyebrows when I was growing them out..... And I just never threw it away. So what I'm saying is I only use one of these....
For those thankfully rare days when what Steph and I like to call a Peter Pettigrew just happens to show up on our faces....
Again with the multiples. But to me eyeliner is right up there with mascara as far as importance and so I probably got worried the one was getting towards the end of her life and so had to have a back up. Fact.
Repeat the same thought process as far as my Chapstick goes. I also have one in the kitchen, and one in the diaper bag. One can never have enough Chapstick back ups.
I stopped using any sort of moisturizer last year when I finally got on the essential oil train. Now I just use this mixture of fractionated coconut oil and several (like 10-15) drops of lavender. Such a lovely smell first thing in the morning.
Uhm so yeah.... two makeup brushes.
And of course the aforementioned toothpaste.... my beloved tweezers... and hair ties and mini claw like things.
Aren't I just the most ridiculous excuse for a girl? Laugh with me here...