valentine's gifts that stick around, time-wise.

Valentine's Day is soon upon us and with that once more comes the age old question of what to get those that you love? Or in other words, a shameless reminder to my husband of things that he can get his beloved. I mean who doesn't love the standard flowers and/or candy bit right? But those things don't last! All that money and then in the trash or in the belly it goes and that makes me sad. I'd much rather money be spent on things that'll be around for the long haul. Some of these gift ideas I already have and some I just really want to have:

\\jord fieldcrest green sandalwood watch: I have gotten so many compliments on my watch that I mean, who wouldn't want to give the gift of spontaneous compliments from strangers to someone you care about? These watches are such high quality and so gorgeous and also? It comes sized to your little wrist and how special will that make your someone special feel?\\phases of the moon banner: I'm not necessarily a granola eating hippie or anything but I just have a thing lately for moon phases. I've seen this banner done a few different ways and I love it. And if moon phases aren't your thing there are tons of other fun wall banners for your someone special too.\\how to be parisian wherever you are: love, style, and bad habits: This book came highly recommended. Kerri wouldn't steer me wrong, now would she? Paris and reading and fabulousness all tied into one!\\will run for wine tank: This is self explanatory right? Something comfy and something wine related and something that even throws running into the mix is pretty much my jam. I don't need an excuse to run... or wine... but the shirt is still perfect for me.\\striped cotton-blend throw: I come from the school of thought that one can never have too many throw blankets. Or pillows for that matter. Our house is mainly tile on the first floor and this time of year that means it's cold cold cold. And I prefer to be warm warm warm.\\snake plant: I have one of these and let me tell you, it cannot be killed. I love the way it looks and it's super easy to care for, watering only once a week. Greens can brighten any space and you can always use more house plants. I most definitely would not purchase it online however, it is much more affordable at your local greenhouse.\\apothic red: Okay so this is totally as disposable as candy or flowers but in my opinion, way more fun for all.\\diamond anniversary band: A staple for any gift guide: diamonds. I'm more the type to get a single piece and never take it off... My earrings and necklace have been on my person for a long, long, long, time. But something new that was gifted to me recently was another band to represent Dom's birth. Which I have a total of three of, one per kid. Smart, I say. Can always use another ring to stack on there is my motto.\\home door mat. Hey it has a heart right? So where can you go wrong? If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I already own this and I freaking love it. Just brightens my day seeing it on my stoop.

So hey! Readers! I've partnered with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $25 each for Valentine's Day! If you've had your eye on one of these watches, be sure to enter to redeem your gift code, they'll be good until the end of March! Entering is easy.... just click here. It will ask for your email address and your favorite JORD watch. Once you hit enter, your code will be emailed right to you. Easy peasey.

So that's my dream list that I've got going on this Valentine's Day season.... One of each please? Maybe? Matt? Bueller?