things i'm looking forward to on the carnival pride

With our next cruise just oh I don't know, over two hundred some odd days away, I think it was time for a list of things I'm looking forward to on our next adventure. It's never too early to start getting excited for these types of things.... and so what am I looking forward to?

That first frozen cocktail. Followed immediately by a piece of pizza, an order of fries, and a hefty helping of soft serve ice cream. 

The beautiful color of the water down there. 

Hearing the sound of the casino slot machines. It will forever and ever remind me of my grandma. 

The Captain's Cocktail Hour. 

The Previous Cruiser's Cocktail Hour. 

Their Caesar salad which is just perfection. 

Spending a week in its entirety with my family.Yay!

Sipping on a cup of coffee on the promenade deck while the kids clamber all over the couches, I'm sure. 

Matt would kill me if I didn't mention the Guy Fieri Burger Joint

Trying out what this ship has to offer in terms of child entertainment. 

Having at least one hour of uninterrupted sunbathing. With a margarita. Yeah I am setting my sites super low. Just an hour. Matt can that be arranged? I'll trade you an hour for an hour. 
Probably singing a million renditions of I'm on a Boat

Watching Rob molest my brothers. And father. And Matt. It actually is quite entertaining. 
All the food. All the time. All the days. With all the drinks. 

And yes. I cannot wait.

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