things i'm looking forward to in cape cod

I would be remiss not to mention that prior to any cruising the Trovatos will be doing our August week away in New England again. This time back to Cape Cod instead of Maine. Home Away to the rescue again! This time right on an inlet on the coast instead of a lake. So yes! What's to be looking forward to?

Family cooked dinners themed per night. 

Runs along country roads.

Sunsets and sunrises. I personally prefer the setting to the rising but I may make an exception you just never know.
Fire pits after the kids go to sleep including some insane night sky watching. 
A family friendly hike or two. Heavy on the bug spray.
Maybe a day trip out to Martha's Vineyard or Salem or some such thing. Maybe both! I'm sure we will throw a winery or a brewery in there as well because we always seem to do that.

Kayaking. Sailboating. Just becoming one with the water.
Antiquing (yeah I said it). A few years back my brother-in-law found a globe and I've always been secretly envious of it. I wouldn't mind a globe like that myself.

Celebrating three birthdays during our week away. Three! Letty will be six (wah!), I will be a nice round thirty-three, and my niece will be two (wah!). While this throws a wrench in the at-home party planning it sure is fun to spend the entire day on vacation.
A week with my family. Because that is my favorite. 
I'm linking up with Kerri, Emily, and Kate for Wanderlust Wednesdays...because it's fun.

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  1. I second Lauren's comment. :) The Trovato's seems like a pretty awesome group :) These pics are amazing!!! We are doing a little cabin on the lake week vacay in August with my family this year and this just got me all the more excited for it!!

  2. I've never been to Cape Cod, but I've always wanted to visit. Great pics - sounds like a great time as well!

  3. Sounds like an amazing way to spend some time with family. I miss all of those things about up north summers. I hope you make it out to Martha's Vineyard. I heard it's amazing!

  4. Is it summer yet?! And here they're calling for snow next week...AGAIN. A New England Coastal vacation sounds good right about now.

  5. UGH i love the NE and the cape and now i miss it up there. can i come too? just adopt me already :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. oh I loved your posts from this trip so much!! can't wait for more! your fam seems so wonderful. I know it'll be a blast. and birthdays!!! yay!!


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