the snowiest of weekends

Winter has come. The storm that hit us the other weekend gave us plenty of warning. We stocked up on booze and food and generally prepared to go nowhere and do nothing. It started Friday afternoon, shortening our Fitz Friday just a bit, them leaving shortly after we ate dinner. We were preparing to put the kids to bed when our newly found current neighbors asked if we wanted to pop down for a bit. We figured it would be a quick hello and back to bed but ended up staying for a few hours, carefully driving home the single block in the snow.

The next morning the snow was nearing a foot and whipping and blowing all over the place. Matt snowplowed a bit... We took long tubbies and stayed in our pjs by the fire watching movie after movie. We had hot chocolate and coffee and margaritas and wine. In that order. I decorated for Valentine's Day, such as that is. Basically we ate all the things in all the lands. And it just kept snowing.... and snowing. 

By the time Saturday ended it had almost stopped, totaling in at something like two feet. The next few days were filled with a lot of snow play and attempted sledding and snow painting and lots of neighbor time mixed in between. And poor babies in the snow right? They just cannot move an inch and it's really all very frustrating. So Dominic didn't last too long. We didn't get plowed out again until Monday afternoon, if you could call a single pass with a plow being plowed out. The second time the plow came by it was Wednesday morning! Jonas took us out, hard. Letty didn't go to school the entire week for all very confusing and stupid reasons, not just the snow. All I can say is, thank God for wine. And I've nailed the whole get kids dressed in their snowsuits quickly thing. I had a lot of practice that weekend. Week.

And now it can be May.



  1. beautiful family and happy my dream to have a family like are a good mom...

  2. Aw poor Dom! Thankfully that snow is melting quickly! In ready for spring, too!

  3. i am cold just looking at it. and now it's warm out! oh how this weather is such a fickle one. it'll be lower 80s this week WHAT

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I just want spring. I am over these bone chilling temps.

  5. So much fun snow weekend stuff. Well, except for Dom. I feel his pain. That picture is really worth a million words.

  6. oh hello fun mom alert!!! the colorful marshmallows in the hot chocolate aaand the snow painting!! but i bet you're so over snow now, yes? i know i am! it's so pretty, though!! especially to look back on in photos! so yes may can come, i'm good with keeping snow as a memory from here on out! :)


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