our valentine's weekend

I don't know what most people do with young kids on Valentine's Day but I know for me and mine we stay in. I just love being with my kids what can I say? I have a husband who is a phenomenal cook and wine flows so what is the point of leaving? And our Fitzgeralds come over too so that means I have my best friend with me! Always a good time had by all. 

This year the boys in our lives sent us roses! Such a nice surprise! Letty was quite smitten. Matt made up his own kind of roses with bread and cheese and pepperoni and I mean who doesn't love that?! We ordered the kids a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns that was a big hit and it also came with brownies so I mean, winner! We put on Newsies in hopes for a silent adult dinner... In hopes.
And then the adult food... Ceasar salad, beer-battered shrimp, some type of crab appetizer that I can never ever remember the name of, and penne ala vodka with chicken.
You just can't stop a man and his pink rolling princess suitcase. Ya just can't.
 And! Our annual heart dessert! The best.
Last year's Fitz vday dinner here. And the year prior here! I counted and this was our seventh Fitz Valentine's Dinner! Starting the year I was pregnant with Letty till today. Madness! Awesome madness!

The next morning we gave the kid's their Valentine's gifts... which incidentally I don't think we have ever done before? I ran out to Target last minute on a Saturday to find something and came home with way more than I originally envisioned but ah well. And nice wrapping job huh? I'm setting the bar real low for future years. Letty got a Shopkins Sweet Shop sort of thing... David got a light up tractor that happens to have monster truck-like wheels? And Dominic got a shape sorting type toy...
Then after church we went to my parent's house for our weekly Sunday brunch and we attempted a cousin shot.... Attempted. My parents gave the kids their Valentine's gifts as well. Letty got paintbrush markers and a pre-k workbook because she just eats those things up... David got a Hot Wheels track complete with loop which is a favorite of his, and Dominic got some especially noisy vehicles. With lights!
And that's that! Our Valentine's Weekend, over and out!



  1. Looks like a great time! And please find out the name of the crab thingies and better yet if Matt lets you send me the recipe! They look super yummy!

  2. Wow! Those bread and cheese and pepperoni roses are amazing! All the food looks amazing for that matter. I love that you do this every year - how fun!

  3. Okay, now I'm hungry. I want to eat it all! Especially the pepperoni pizza. I LOVE Papa Johns!

  4. so much love. so much cuteness. love the annual v-day tradition with fitz's! and matt yet again did not disappoint with that food.

    xoxo cheshire kat


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