no sew diy moon phase banner

I've been in to moon phases lately. For no particular reason other than I saw a banner on Instagram somewhere with moon phases on it and I thought: I want that! And I can make that!
This was by far the simplest diy I have ever done. Even easier than the moss balls, which required zero creative thought.

I didn't even have to sew. That's huge. HUUUUUGE.

Okay so you need: 

- A hot glue gun
- Black paint
- Pencil
- Juice glass
- Twine
- A twig from any ole tree
- A place mat. I got mine on clearance at Target for $1.98 but I'm sure the Dollar Tree would have one as well. 

Yes, what I'm saying is this banner cost me about two dollars. 

Now my place mat had a design on it which is just fine, it was the back that I was more interested in, which was plain off-white. All you do is fold up about a two inch section and hot glue along the edge. I started by just putting a dab of hot glue on each end and then filled in across the width. Don't forget to leave the sides open so you will be able to hang it up, picture a curtain and a rod if you will.
Then you fold down each of the opposite two corners to form a triangle, making sure they are centered and even. Repeat the hot glue process...
Then I took a juice glass and traced around the entire thing to make the full moon, half of the glass each for the half moon and crescent moon. I used the pencil and went as lightly as I could. I just eyeballed the crescent shape and drew a straight line across for the half moon.
Then I used the black paint to fill in each moon shape.
Insert the twig that Matt gallantly went out in the cold to get for me.
Tie twine on either end of the twig...
And done!
You could do so much with these banners. I had bought another place mat in case I messed up and so I made this one for our playroom as well.... I'm brainstorming about other possible banners.... It's an addiction sir!