looking forward to

I know it's sort of wrong to want to rush time a little bit, and logically I'm really not all about that... but there are some things coming up here that I am just really looking forward to! Such as!

The return of Outlander on April 9. This show has been off the air for over a year which is just mean as far as shows go. Season two here we come!
The new Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Part I and II digital release.Yes it's true! It's a thing! I can't exactly hop across the pond and see the play but I sure will be soaking up this!
Spring walks. They are my jam. I really miss just taking the kids out every day and checking out the new homes coming up in our development. Everyone could use some fresh air and we are all stifling over here in our cabin fever.

Finishing our garden! Yes! Our old house had a killer garden and after two summers here we definitely missed having it to look at. We got some things on end of season clearance but it's going to need some plumping out come spring. And mulch. Definitely mulch.

Fuller House return on February 26. I know, I know. It will probably be terrible! Doesn't mean I won't be watching!
Allegiant coming to a theater near me in March.  I know, I know. It will probably be terrible! But I have committed. I need to see this series through. And hello Four...
Kitchen remodels potentially coming our way. Not quite as drastic as the word remodel implies but we are definitely replacing our floor and also maybe potentially painting kitchen cabinets and putting up a black splash. Or two! Maybe brick. Maybe subway tile. Maybe!

The first trip to Hersheypark the first weekend of April. It'll be here before you know it! I love that we get to hit up the park that early in the year.

Getting all three kid's passport photos taken. Yeah okay so this is more of a sarcastic one. I've been slowly whittling away at filling out all the paperwork but actually getting the photo sort of stresses me out.

What about you? What are you looking forward to?