just a girl trying to catch some dreams

The Olsens seem to tend towards having very active dreams. Matt, his one brother, his father and his uncle have all had quite serious "night terrors" as we call them. Sometimes even getting up and moving things or what have you. This was a trait I would have preferred be not passed on to my children but alas, it was out of my control. Letty and David both suffer from night terrors. Letty more so than David. Normally he just takes a quick kiss and a stuffed animal and he's on his happy dreaming way. Letty has always been more of the active nightmare type. Standing up in the middle of her bed, going right back into the nightmare, remembering she had one in the morning, etc. 
Enter me looking on Pinterest for how to make a dreamcatcher. Believed by the Native Americans to catch the bad dreams, allowing only the good to filter down to the dreamer. The bad dreams perishing at dawn. Now I don't really believe in such a thing but I am a firm believer in the placebo effect. I thought one she could make herself would be more fun for her and I found this kit here
Let me tell you. Not for a five and a half year old, this craft. I was barely able to figure it out myself and I still don't think it turned out right. But the kit had everything! The ribbon to wrap around the hoop.... Lovely silver thread that was looped and looped and looped. The beads to string on it. The feathers to glue. The glue to glue. I just added a bit of ribbon to hang it and that was that. 
So far: no nightmares for Letty. But now I may need to get one for David.... I'll probably just end up buying this one here and say to heck with diy.



  1. so cute! i've made one out of sticks and yarn before. so crafty. i actually have one in my room now too :) i have the most vivid horrid dreams i get it. hoping it continues to work!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. aww no! it's so hard when they have trouble sleeping!! i had night terrors and so did maddalena. the "typical" kind where you/they wake up screaming and have no idea what's going on and you just have to like, let it happen. and totally on the placebo effect!! that's SUCH a great idea and i hope the little dream catcher helps!!

  3. It's cute! I'm sure Letty enjoyed the craft even if it was a bit above her head. Thankfully Sydney doesn't have night terrors...and Dom, too!

  4. Aww such a good mama!! I hope it works!

  5. oh it is so pretty! I had one we bought at the native american festival we have in the town over when I was little. I didn't have bad dreams but I thought it was pretty. Placebo effect for the total win.


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