into the woods

If you've seen the movie or this musical before you probably have had those three words stuck in your head for the better part of the week. Someone should do a count, how many times are the words "into the woods" said in Into the Woods? I would wager somewhere in the hundreds. At least.

I actually don't mind the movie. Letty quite likes it, but surprise surprise there... it has singing! This old soul of a little lady has had a thing for musical numbers since well, birth I imagine. Her first musical was when she was two and a half and she hasn't stopped yet. She's already looking forward to when Beauty and the Beast comes to the Fulton in November and December. We have quite a way to wait my love.
Letty was quite anxious that we would be late for the show even though I assured her that we would be a good thirty minutes early, leaving plenty of time to hang up our coats, hit the bathrooms and find Uncle T and Miss/Aunt/Uncle Sadie (depending on who is speaking at the moment). She was skipping so fast heading in to the building that I could barely keep up. Once in the gym she grabbed my hand and pulled me around searching for her uncle, worrying he would be late. I assured her that Uncle T is cut from the same cloth as mommy and well he just cannot be late. And he wasn't! 
We got our seats and she had her permagrin on and enjoyed herself some singing! Over three hours of it if I'm being exact. 
She would move from one leg of mine to the other, standing, or sitting, or sitting on her knees, but she stayed quiet which is all I personally care about. And probably next year she will be too big to sit on my lap.... which I won't think about. Also won't think about? How a day might come where going to a high school musical with your mom and your uncle isn't so cool and fun anymore.... THAT day can just never ever come. Ever.
And then as per tradition dictates we had to stop and get this little lady a milkshake, cookies and cream this time. I was so parched I broke my one soda a day rule and got the largest most magnificently ridiculous fountain soda I could find. At 10:30 p.m.
And by morning, this little night owl required only a little prodding to get out of bed and dressed for school. Christmas miracle!

Last year's musical documented here... 

But these photos though! Yes they are grainy and dark but... Such a great tradition.

Phantom of the Opera, 2015:
Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, 2014:
Beauty and the Beast, 2013: