if you knew me in high school

This coming June it will have been fifteen years since I graduated high school. There are some miles there in those years, right? Who was that version of Laurie? Well let's just have some fun with this and see yeah?

If you knew me in high school...
 You would hardly be able to see my eyebrows from over plucking. 

You would know that I didn't drink any alcohol and told my mom and dad practically everything, everything that mattered anyways. 

You would know that I was a bit of a boy crazy flirt.

You would know that I was the teacher's pet. And liked it.

You would know my nickname was L-train. 

You would know that I cared an awful lot about popularity. Even if it meant not being so nice and being friends with some not so nice people. Side eye Laur. Side eye.

You would know I ate the same thing for lunch every single day: cheese on wheat crackers, raspberry yogurt, strawberry gushers and a Swiss Premium iced tea cooler. 

You would know I watched Ten Things I Hate About You practically every day after school for awhile there. Because that movie is amazing.

You would know that I was the go to hook up for mixed CDs. I took some requests along the way too. The CDs always included my hand drawn album "art".

You would know I had earrings going up each ear and a few cartilage ones as well. Something like 17 holes in my ears.

You would know that I really liked rap music. Like.  A lot.

You would know that I worked at Old Navy, rocking those head phones. 

You would know I always had a stash of mints in my car cup holder.

You would know that I drove a greenish silver Eagle Talon. 

You would know that I borrowed a guy's clothes so I could look like one of those girls in the Limp Bizkit "Rollin" video for the talent show. And I even danced.

You would know I was on the Video Yearbook Committee. And played field hockey, which I sucked at.

You would know my name was Marta in German class. 

You would know I almost constantly put on Chapstick (not much has changed there). 

You would think you knew things about my dad and organized crime. A rumor I was happy to propagate to hopefully have you not mess with me. 

You would know I was really quite insecure and just wanted everyone to like me. 

You would know not to say an unkind word about my little brother. Ever.

If Matt knew me in high school I probably wouldn't even have been friends with him....So...

If I knew me in high school I would tell me to calm the hell down, enjoy my high metabolism, and be nicer to every single person. Ever. 

Thanks for the idea Sept. Farm! That was quite fun!