ice skating, a girl's first

She started asking to ice skate weeks ago. Out of the blue as if it's something she's always wanted to do, there it was, ice skating. The local rink has a few public skates throughout the week and I chose a Thursday morning in hopes of crowd control, and I was right. We borrowed antique ice skates from my mother... Skates once worn by my younger siblings as they shuffled around our frozen pond in Maine day after day. Isn't it a funny thing? When an item that was once new to you is now something referred to as an antique? But I feel like a twenty plus year old pair of skates can be called antique, yes?
Anyways. I haven't had my old tired dogs on skates in over ten years and you know? It's just like riding a bike. It all comes back at once and slaps you in the face. Tying up the laces... And smack! There it is. Memories come flooding back suddenly you're Kristi Yamaguchi practicing her triple axel after dinner in the dark on the pond out back....
Wait this was about Letty. And her first time on the ice!
She did the shuffle walk around the rink many times. Many more times than I would have thought. Sometimes holding on to just the wall, sometimes just my hand, and sometimes both or neither. The smile never left her face. Ever. She kept a commentary running about her skill level and kept asking how she was doing. Which I told her she did awesome. Because she did. Rocking it.

When we left she told Matt that she had a really great time and it was awesome and can she come back here?! Please please please?!

So. Great success. Future Nancy Kerrigan right here.