how target got more addicting

First let me say no one is giving me anything to write this I just really freaking love Curbside. In fact I love it so much I find myself talking about it to people I know in real life so... why not share the same news with you wonderful people?

So how could Target shopping get any more addicting you query? It's already like a serious problem... That store is a place where women go in for diapers, black out, and then find themselves at the check out with an additional $100 in unnecessary merchandise. So how?

Well, by having someone do your shopping for you. By not having to leave your car. Literally. Someone walks around the store selecting the items you purchased via the app and gathers them all together... Putting them in a lovely aqua bag and then sitting, waiting for you by customer service (I imagine as I've never seen their resting place). All this happens within a matter of a few hours of your purchase time. When you arrive to the store and park in one of those three lovely labeled spots right by the front of the store something close to magic happens. They know you're there (something techy including gps and location services) and suddenly there is a Target employee carrying your items TO YOUR CAR. A simple ID check and a cursory glance to confirm the order is correct and poof! Done! Without ever getting your hands dirty. Without having to unload three kids. Without getting cold.

And it's free. 

Better than free? They give you $10 off $20 randomly. And not so randomly. For example if you use my code TKTKV, you'll get $10 off of $20 and hey, so do I. And then you share your code with your friends and they save $10, and then you also get another $10. I even made Matt make his own account just for the free money.

The Curbside app doesn't seem to include the entire store inventory, however it is a great majority of it. And if there is a Cartwheel offer on an item you cannot use that offer with Curbside. So if that happens I just don't purchase that item with Curbside because let's be honest you and I both know I still need to go into the store every now and again to check out that Dollar Spot section.
So I'm not sure what the catch is with Curbside. Or how they even make any money at all... Maybe someday this service will come with a fee? This is just to get the word out? Who knows but it is working. So for now? I'm a huge fan. Especially during these cold months.