diy yarn wall hanging

I have been wanting to make one of these for quite some time now, it was just a matter of yarn getting here from amazon (because the thought of hitting up Michael's with three in tow sounds downright tortuous) and the availability of my crafting partner of choice. When the stars aligned we had ourselves a grand old time drinking some wine and catching up, all whilst crafting. It was almost therapeutic. 
You'll need a twelve inch dowel. I spray painted two gold, one for each of us, but that's up to taste obviously. Yarn in any color you see fit... scissors, packing tape, and twine. [dowels. mustard yarn. gray yarn. white yarn. gold spray paint.]
I figure that you need about sixty pieces of yarn to get the full look I have below so I decided to cut 24 pieces of gray, 24 pieces of white, and 12 pieces of mustard. I started by just measuring twice the dowel rod, but found out pretty early on that the mustard yarn was just odd and seemed to curl up itself a bit so longer would have been better. 
Once cut then it was time to start knotting. I just pinched both ends of a single piece of yarn in one hand, and then used my right hand to open up the loop, feeding the ends through it. Pull it tight and you have yourself a knot! After oh I don't know, about fifteen knots I realized it would be much easier to tape the rod to the table, letting a few inches hang out over the side of the table, perpendicular style. It was so much easier to knot and slide the yarn up that way. Mindless, as it were.
Once all sixty strands were tied on there then I tried to make my shape. I had originally wanted a triangle but, see paragraph above about the mustard yarn. Bree suggested I do an inverted triangle and so I did. Mostly just eyeballing it and drinking more wine. 
We decided one hanging wasn't enough and so made ourselves each another one! Super easy and cheap and fun! I just tied a bit of twine to the ends of each rod for hanging needs.... I needed some clear Command hooks before hanging but Matt took care of that for me the very next day. Oh and that last image is of Bree's. The one on the right she knotted one piece of yarn at a time. The one on the left she knotted two pieces of yarn at a time. I like how much fuller it looks yes?
Anyways. Martha Stewart (wink wink) over and out.