day in the life, 2016

It's been a hot minute since I've done one of these and so here it is. Last Thursday. 

7:00 am: I wake up before my alarm goes off and stumble downstairs for my first cup of coffee. I have a whole two sips before Dom wakes up. I nurse him while I finish the cup.... Right by the fire because mornings here are cold. 
8:00 am: Matt is on kid duty while I head down to the basement for my morning run. Forty-five peaceful minutes of just me and Jeff Lewis. A slow and steady three ish miles.
9:00 am: I finished up my run. Matt has fed the kid's their breakfasts. The big kids are playing in the playroom so I take Dom upstairs to make the beds and get the kid's clothes out for the day. I then shower and get myself presentable. Matt gets the kid's dressed and I call them upstairs for "hair and teeth!" David requires a lift over the gate when we are done. 
10:00 am: I've just put Dom down for his morning nap. Letty's friend from school is coming over for a play date along with her little brother and her mother. We have ourselves some coffee whilst the children wreck the playroom. 
11:00 am: Play date still in full force. These girls and their Shopkins. Mind blown. But of course now Letty needs to have an organizer like this. 
12:00 pm: Lunch for all! I made the big kids clean up the playroom after their friends left by promising post-lunch chocolate. While they were doing that I gathered together their assorted lunches. Dom had a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, and some goldfish. Letty had grapes, yogurt, a cheese stick (dipped in honey mustard, naturally), cheese on wheat crackers and a spoonful of peanut butter. Because she loves pb. David had peanut butter crackers. He's so healthy. And of course my lunch was also whatever I could throw together. I'm down to only one soda a day which is INSANE because I'm an addict but I'm trying.
1:00 pm: Lunch is all cleaned up and chocolate consumed which means the big kid are amped. Loud. Obnoxious. So I put them in my version of separate corners of a boxing ring. David little couch! Letty big couch! And there they sit. Dom and I are in the playroom where he is just destroying all the work his bigger siblings just did in cleaning up.
2:00 pm: Dom goes down for his afternoon nap. Matt holds down the fort and I flee. My first time out of the house in over two days. And it was to go to an eye doctor appointment. I'm such a fun time. I haven't had my eyes checked in literally years sooo. In an effort to be overall more healthy I can cross that off. $103 later I picked out a new pair of glasses that my brother dubbed "hipster". So. There's that. 
3:00 pm: After the eye doctor I was literally within walking distance of Target and I had to get Chapstick. I only had one tube... The situation was becoming dire. While there I of course had to visit the clearance section and when I saw this shirt it was a must. And how about this random assortment of what I bought at Target? Madness. 
4:00 pm: Dom is awake. I officially labeled each and every toy storage bin in the playroom and it is unhealthy how much this pleases me. The kids had played in the snow a bit while I was away and they are relaxing.... iPads and all, while their snow stuff takes a turn in the dryer.
5:00 pm: My sister had the whole family over for dinner and hey. 5 o'clock somewhere right? David is hangry. Letty is whiney. And Dom is needy. It's necessary. 
6:00 pm: She made her honey sriracha chicken and broccoli. Which Dom and I freaking LOVE. He houses this meal and has since he could eat start with people food. I broke my no second helpings thing too. It's that good. Like a party in my mouth.
7:00 pm: Still at Beth's. Moved on to coffee now. Dom is starting to lose his proverbial shiz so we head home around 7:20 pm. I nurse him and plop him into his crib while Matt puts the bigger kids to bed. 
8:00 pm: Kids are asleep and Matt and I head downstairs for our workout. Yes I am still doing two-a-days. Which I love. My night workout is on the elliptical and we watch Flipping Out for 45 minutes. Then it's shower and wine time. 
9:00 pm: Matt chooses the utterly ridiculous Zombieland for viewing. Just jamming out to Who the Bell Tolls and people being eaten. Thumbs up. We probably won't end up watching the whole thing so we don't get the basement all going like we normally would, we just stay in the living room close to our wine source. 
10:00 pm: This movie is still going strong and Matt has the fan on and I'm cold and about to call it a night so. Here we are. Another day in the life in the books. 
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