coffee talk

Have your coffee? Need any creamers in it? Historically I drink my coffee black because: calories. But for Christmas my Stephanie got me these Star Wars themed coffee mates and they were French Vanilla and Italian Creme and well.... That's all she wrote. 

I'm really making an effort though to cut out on the non-water drinks. Okay that's wrong. I am trying to up the amount of water I'm drinking while slowly lowering the amount of Diet Pepsi I drink, which for the record is obscene. This isn't because of weight reasons but because sometimes I black out when I stand up too fast. Not pass out. But my vision goes black. I heard this may help? More water is always good, yeah? For a thousand reasons. I'm over a week into it at this point and I think it's really helping on several fronts.

I don't watch SNL anymore but have you seen this clip? I am such a sucker for any time Tina Fey impersonates Sarah Palin. Truly. It makes me giggle.

Life has just been all sorts of hibernation-like recently. Part blizzard and part lack of things to do I suppose. It's always smart after the hectic end of the year to just take some time and just be. To chill, as it were. We've been staying in and playing and watching tv and nesting a bit too obviously. 

Letty had her conference at school a few weeks ago... It really went in a direction we weren't expecting and I guess we should have a bit? She's stubborn that one and a lot of her evaluation she just didn't bother answering, or pretended she didn't know. We think. So we have been working even more diligently with her. Trying to explain consequences... Quizzing her on every little thing without it appearing that we are... Rewards for any breakthrough, etc. Finding new ways to get her to listen to letters and heck maybe even sing along. These videos were a good find for her, though time will tell if she actually learns from them. Anyways it was heavy and unhappy and I am sure there will be more but ah lesson learned! No child is just like their mama when it comes to learning!

On a happier note, you know who has the best job, like ever? Matt Bellassai. Getting drunk at your desk and complaining about stuff? Dream job. 

Speaking of dream jobs...At what age do you think it's ok to leave kids at home alone? Because I have these grand plans of getting some sort of job at a local college later in life so my children can (and will because I'll make them and yes they will commute, easy as that right?) go for free. All in high school? Goodness. Working again! I have many many feelings about that. So let's just agree that all three need to be in high school and that's just far off so let's not discuss again right?

I want Joanna Gaines to come and redo my entire house. Top to bottom. HAVE AT IT. Joanna. Maybe I'll need that job after all to pay for her services..... hashtag nope. But I have at least two new house plants coming my way that I ordered from Home Depot of all places... Maybe that'll make me feel like I'm Joanna herself?

Anyways.... how about all that snow? And then the rain?