a surprise 60th birthday party

We've been keeping a little secret. Which I personally am historically horrible at. We have been planning a surprise joint 60th birthday party for my parents. My dad turned 60 in December and my mom will in May... We thought a joint party directly in the middle made the most sense. So we have been planning it. Since August. I know. Crazy. And we sent the invitations out about that time as well, lest people question why we wouldn't do anything for my dad's day. So on February 6th, about 65 of my parent's family, friends and neighbors all came together to celebrate them at the Trackside Room. And we were able to surprise them!
We decided very early on to try and go for a vintage 1950's diner-type feel. Red and mint with a pop of yellow. The invitations looked like guest checks complete with coffee stains, designed by my sister-in-law. My brother, otherwise known as Master of Ceremonies, created a playlist of popular music from the 50's and 60's. The food was catered by Rettew's Catering. The gorgeous cake came from The Lititz Cupboard. All centerpieces were done by Ashley as well as the totally awesome red, white and black candy table. She really stepped up to the plate coming up with unique pieces by making some things herself and borrowing some others. Amazing what one can do with just some Coca-Cola cans! I had printed up forty-some odd photos of my parents from when they were kids or first dating that were either framed, hung from a centerpiece, or scattered around here and there. Ashley also made this really cool poster about what was going on 60 years ago in the world, fun things like Disneyland first opened or how much the average home cost. 
My parent's thought they were going to dinner with their neighbors (a sincere amount of gratitude needs to go to them for getting my parents there, such a big responsibility!), but one of them needed to stop real quick at Vertex Mechanical (the building the Trackside Room is located in) to look at something for his kitchen first. Somehow they got my parents out of the car and into the building and even going up to the second floor in front of them. They were greeted with a rowdy suprise! and lots of people taking their photos and so forth with lots of hooting and hollering. My mom held it together better than I ever thought she would and wow the look of shock and confusion on my dad's face was priceless! I just kept saying we got them! The man is impossible to surprise but somehow we did it. My mom said we are all shockingly good liars!
Once they got settled my older brother John gave a really nice speech just honoring how freaking awesome my parents are and how much we love them. Sixty years is something to celebrate! We ate and drank and had cake and just overall a great time mingling with family and friends. It was a really good party if I do say so myself. We had lots of people come in from New York, people from Massachusetts and Maine and Virginia... all to celebrate my wonderful parents. I am so honored that they would do that for them but I'm not surprised because my parents are just amazing people. Thank you to everyone who helped with the event and a thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us! I know my parents really appreciated it!

Here are the rest of the photos from throughout the night...
Such a great event everyone! Even if I didn't consider the sheer amount of space we would need to take all the stuff home at the end of the night... And I ran out of plates. Curse those plates.