what's in my diaper bag?

I've done one of these before, and I know personally I'm fascinated by what people cart around with them all the time. Call it nosy.... Call it just an interested mom making sure she isn't missing out on carrying something soooo very important. It's all in good fun. 

I got a new diaper bag slash backpack for Christmas from my parents and it's just so perfect and pretty and I put off filling it up with all my garbage because I just liked looking at it. Before it got ruined with kid mess. But it was time. The contents that I splayed all over the kitchen table had all been in my old bag since Disney days and well, that's gross. And a lot of it seriously unnecessary. Four bags of table toppers? Really? The amount of broken crayons astounds me. 

In my diaper bag on this cold day in January you would find:
Two diapers. Zero wipes oddly enough but I would have remedied that prior to leaving the house again I promise. Three spare outfits (one for each kid and the bigger ones bottoms only because well, pee). Assorted band aids. Anti-bacterial gel. My wallet. My camera. Camera battery charger and spare camera battery. Bag of assorted feminine requirements. Infant Tylenol and dispenser. Pill box with Tylenol, decongestant, immodium and lactaid. Four bags of table toppers. Four party packs, two of which contained fully colored coloring books. Assorted broken crayons. A light up wand. A pack of gum. Three snack containers filled with goldfish. One zippered snack bag with baby goldfish. One pack of peanut butter crackers, whole. One pack of peanut butter crackers, smashed. One smashed pack of cheese crackers. One smashed special k bar. Two really gross lint covered baby spoons. One bib. One pack of anti-bacterial wipes. A thermometer. A photo pass card (told you since Disney). Sunblock. And of course Chapstick. 

And here is what made the cut to be put back into the bag. I paired down a lot by just removing duplicates. Like do we really need three snack cups plus a snack bag? No. And I definitely added wipes. I'll have more room come summer when the spare clothes are shorts rather than pants but it fits! Bring it on summer and activities where being hands free would be key!!!
Letty wanted to see how I could get it on my back and then of course... photo time. My little budding photographer.