we bought a zoo

Or more like, we went to a zoo using our very brand new to us Hersheypark season passes. We decided this fall after much deliberation to stop getting Dutch Wonderland season passes and instead go to Hersheypark. Which is a beast in and of itself. The Fitzs joined in on this decision, as well as my parents, my sister and her family, and my brother and his family. Oh what fun we shall have this coming summer!! More exclamation points!!

One of the perks of having this season pass is unlimited visits to their zoo, Zoo America. So on a Thursday a few weeks back we, along with my brother and his family, headed up to get our passes, ride Chocolate World, and visit the zoo. In the cold. 

I had never been before and wasn't sure what to expect. We ended up making our way through it in just under 40 minutes. There are a few buildings we went in but the main attractions were obviously outside. The kids loved the wolves, were sad they missed the bear (hibernating, right?), and just hated all the creepy crawly things. I personally enjoyed visiting briefly with Hedwig...

So that's the first of what will be many many visits to the zoo. Because, why not?