sight and sound and the miracle of christmas

A few days before Christmas Matt was generously gifted some tickets to see a local theater's production, The Miracle of Christmas. Sight & Sound is really a quite unique experience.... Surrounded on three sides with stages... animals in the aisles and on the stage itself... I have even had the pleasure of having a donkey evacuate right next to me before! But that is a rare thing. All of their productions are heavily Christian in nature too, which especially around Christmas is a good thing. 

We left Dominic with my sister and drove down there in the rain for the show.... A show which David lasted approximately 45 minutes of before first playing in the family room... then the lobby... and then the van. I'm sure Matt didn't mind too much that he had to leave. Letty and I stuck it out for the long haul, because she can handle anything when it comes to theatrics. It was heavy at times, words like 'fornication' and 'prostitution' used freely... The interpretation of the Holy Spirit coming upon Mary was something I wasn't quite mentally or emotionally prepared for, as was the birth of Jesus.... All that aside though, it was definitely an interesting experience and as always Letty loves a good show. A little education into the reason for the season not necessarily a bad thing.

So thank you for the tickets Cory!