our new year's eve

Well happy New Year's Eve! Just two weeks and some change later right? Our New Year's Eves since having children involves our Fitzs. You know, sweat pants and laughter and wine and kids and noise and if you want to go to sleep at 9 p.m. well then hey, no judgement here! Since moving to a place not within walking distance of our Fitzs I am happy to report the tradition has continued. And wow way better than last year when I was toting around a two week old Dominic and about twenty pounds of nasty hormones. 

So then this year! We expanded our group to include my family and Stephanie's parents, as well as some new neighbors of ours here that we have gotten to know recently, incidentally also sporting a last name that begins with 'F' that somehow I got no photos of? What a party, right?! Everybody brought appetizers and I think Steph's dad walked in toting something like six bottles of assorted alcohol. There was our Fitz gift exchange which left Letty and Avery with the Frozen sister's Coronation Day dresses. We ate and ate some more... Letty walked around taking photos for me for some time. The kids played hard. Mark brought out this whole pie in the face game that apparently is all the rage... and we made it to midnight! Almost all of us! My parents and those not sleeping over headed out at a reasonable hour for their child.

The ball dropped. We counted down. We cheered and there were hugs and kisses all around. 

And then we promptly went to bed. Stephanie and I had our first sleepover together, as Matt stayed with Mark. She got quite the spa treatment in our bedroom. A king sized bed, flannel sheets, a sound machine, and lavender scented pillows. I think she'll be coming over for every new bed night in our house from here on out. 

And the night was deemed good!

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