our first snow day, and no, not jonas.

This was pre-Jonas. Our first snow day was actually snow resulting from a short squall the night before. Letty was home from school because of a fever the day and night prior. David's first words were a request that he go outside and make a snow angel. I got him all layered up and he played peacefully for about twenty minutes while the babies watched inside and were quite entertained by it all. All before 9 am. When Letty woke and was found to be fever free she started begging to be allowed out as well. So I let her. After covering her up. They played well on the deck only while I stayed nice and toasty inside (our deck has gates complete with latches so they were stuck on there amen). If only they knew what would be coming their way in a few days time...

I felt bad I didn't have hot chocolate for them when they came in... But I did have a warm fire for their rosy cheeks. 

And David wore the Paw Patrol hat all day long. 



  1. ha they look so cute. i wish it was appropriate for adults to wear a full snowsuit in winter. i think i'm sweating just thinking about the effort it takes to put all that gear on, though.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Aw childhood joy. Great pictures!

  3. I never in my life thought I would say this but, I wish we would just get dumped on here with a massive amount of snow!! We have had just about nothing this winter and for Alaska, that sucks. If there is going to be no sunlight, at least give us some snow to play in!

  4. oh squall snow!! snow is such fun when you're a kid!!!

  5. The happiness on their faces is priceless. Staying inside with the babies toasty warm sounds like the right plan to me. :-)


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