new year's day with the trovato's

My sister historically hosts New Year's Day. And we are nothing if not a family for traditions. This year she kindly moved up the time to the lunch hour so that we could go to a birthday party later on that day (thank you Beth!). She cooked two (delicious) entrees and showered us with drinks and excellent hostressry. If that's a word. The kids played and were merry and celebrate the new year we did!

We also recreated last year's grandparent and grandchildren shot which I believe we must do every single year. Even when Dom is a six foot tall teenager. Right on Poppop's lap you shall go!

I also need to point out that the majority of these photos were taken by my five year old. 
And then we left and lived on a hope and a dream that Dom would nap in the van on the way to York to Matt's aunt and uncle's house.... 

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