new year's day with the olsen's

So I am starting to realize that Letty should take over as andiamo's photographer. She gets life at a different angle and she is fearless. Photos of everybody and everything. And she gets the best reactions from people! Not to mention she loves to do it and loves to have a job and be a helper.... So I'm thinking that's a thing.

Anyways! New Year's Day! After lunch at my sister's we drove to York to Matt's aunt and uncle's house (the beach house peoples to my kids) to celebrate Sue's 65th birthday! How lucky to be born on the first of the year right? We so rarely get together with Matt's cousins, we really enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed catching up with them and their kids as well. We left that night and said we really need to do this more often! To which I say, I agree! They are a good train, those Olsens!
So Happy Birthday Aunt Sue! And Happy New Years! I am done with holiday posts!!!!!