live nativity

This Live Nativity. My mom and I took Letty here a few years back (you know, pre-blog days) and we just loved it. It's a come as you are type of thing. They have chairs set up and free hot cider and you just come all bundled up with your blankets and hats and watch a reenactment of the Christmas Story. Matt stayed home with an increasingly sick Dominic while my mom and I once more braved the cool night air with the big kids. They had a camel again this year but she was quite restless so they had her off to the side. I particularly enjoyed the addition of the bright light shining into the sky to guide us. David got very excited every time "King David" was mentioned, shouting out with a "hey! that's me!" Full of himself much? The whole thing wrapped up with a community Silent Night singing and donkey petting. And then we got Wendy's.

And now, a bunch of blurry, poorly-lit photos to commemorate. 



  1. i mainly just feel bad for the camel. but david shouting that is super cute, i'm not gonna lie :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. aww david! i love that they don't expect there to be anyone else with their name!! not that maddalena or letty will have much of that!!


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