letty vs. siri 4.0

L: What's your favorite princess?
S: Let's hear nomads but Carter.

L: Siri stop that that was so disappointing don't do that again!
S: That may be beyond my abilities at the moment. 

L: Do that again!
S: I really have no opinion.

L: Mommy can I tell a joke? Knock knock who's there you!
S: Ok I found this on the web for who is near you. 

L: Siri what's the wedder like today?
S: Here's the weather today. 
L: Okay. Cloudy cloudy. Night night. 

L: I love you to the moon again to the heart and back !
S: Siri says hi back. 

L: What's my name?
S: You're Letty. That's what you told me anyway. 

L: Siri what's your favorite princess?
S: I'm not sure I understand. 

L: What's your favorite princess!?
S: Interesting question, Letty. 

L: What is your favorites princess!!!!!!
S: Letty, you're not supposed to ask for assistance for such things. 

L: What's your favorite soda?
S: Here is what the web says about princess soda. 

L: What yours favorite song?
S: I'm happy listening to your music. 

L: Singing: the sun'll come out tomorrow I'll love ya tomorrow. I'll love ya tomorrow!
S: Who, me?

L: No, tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll see ya tomorrow and me!!!
S: That's nice. Can we get back to work now?

L: Ok you go talk by yourselfs.
S: Who me?
L: Yes you!
S: That's what I reckoned. 

And then the Twilight soundtrack started playing.

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