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having a travel photographer along for the ride


I know it's been awhile but yesterday's post got me back into the Disney train (ha, train, get it?) of thought and well all of the wonderfulness of Christmas has passed and time has marched on and we are all sad about that... So what better to brighten your day than a little more Disney! My sister-in-law is a photographer if you don't know that by now and she brought out the big girl camera during our trip. I had an awful time narrowing them down but here are some of my favorite shots she took of our trip to Disney last November! Which was too long ago and I need to get another trip there scheduled. Stat.



  1. you already know how i feel about all of this. amazing photos, amazing family, why are you not here right now in my arms. come back to me inman!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. the picture of the kids together in their matching shirts.. all the feels. You guys are so lucky to have each other so close by (and this makes me miss my niece Sam who lives in Maine so so much).. they will all be the best of friends <3

  3. Oh my word Lenas sandals...Lettys freckles...David's fresh haircut! All so cute. Great pictures!

  4. ahh that first shot is my fav!! followed by letty in the shark! and david on the carousel!! and dom in the stroller!!!

  5. Always love love love seeing your beautiful photos babe!!! And now I Wanna go to Disney ASAP!

  6. So lucky to have her along to take all these awesome pictures. I would have a hard time choosing too. So much Disney goodness. I need a trip!


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