fantastic fitz friday of festive fun

I know I have said it before, but towards the end of December things got a wee bit nuts. This day might have been the worst... however there were several other close contenders. Normally we have a separate night for grandparent ornaments, a separate night for gingerbread houses, and a separate night for a Polar Express party.... But! In the spirit of Christmas and traditions, Steph and I got the bright idea that we would do all three! In one night! After dinner! How could this be a bad plan?!

We were on crack. That's what we were. 

Also to point out that two of these events are normally a mess and so therefore are at the least neurotic lady's home (Steph's), but with their temporary apartment situation happening as their new house is being built, I magnanimously allowed it to be at our house. So naturally Steph thought a glitter covered ornament and bringing a lot of little round sprinkles would be best. Goodness I love her. 

Oh and she brought and cooked dinner. She's on the top of her game, let me tell you.

The ornament for the grandparents was to be modge podged toys then covered in glitter. I had the kids choose their own toys. For Letty, she chose princess heels that she has worn and loved on and has since grown out of. David chose two match box cars. Because of course I want the kids to make an ornament for my tree as well. Things were going well with this until I left to put Dom down. When I returned things were definitely off the rails. The girls had glitter from their fingertips to their eye balls and everywhere in between.... A part of me died.

Once the glitter was cleaned up we put them in their pajamas because the clothes were unsalvageable and put Polar Express on. Normally I have hot chocolate and tickets and bells but naturally I forgot all of that. Steph came prepared for everything else and I dropped the ball on the one thing I had to be in charge of. Forgive me please?

The kids didn't seem too interested in the movie, probably because there were plates of candy being readied in the kitchen. I would wager that an equal amount of candy got on the houses as in their bellies.... there were more sprinkles on the floor than I care to admit too.... but! Great success! I think the adults went through something like three bottles of red wine and by morning I felt like my kitchen resembled a bit of a frat house. A glittery, sprinkly frat house. 

And isn't my festive craft table cloth just the best? I might need to invest in a more Christmas friendly color scheme...

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