christmas morn part two

After the gifts are all opened and generally organized at my house (my rule, not theirs), we head on over to my parent's house for a large power breakfast and then more gift opening. The kids were quite out of it at first, most likely a combination of a late breakfast and too much partying and too little sleep... but once David in particular got some food in him he perked up just fine. Just in time for the presents!
We tried to get the kids to all take turns opening gifts but it gets a bit out of control and Lena just wanted to clean up all the wrapping paper which I mean, bless her heart. I love that! But in general they took turns and once they were done and sort of settled with things to play with the adults took their turns opening.
Letty got slippers, a kindergarten prep activity set, Rapunzel doll, crafts, more Shopkins, a Princess Devotional, and a Polly Pocket. David got some click bricks things I have heard wonderful things about, a k'nex set, a state puzzle, and another nerf gun. Dominic got a driving dashboard, a magically electronic book, some baby legos, a tractor, and a personalized letter to Santa book. All three kids got their college funds generously padded as well. Matt got a lot of cooking things, as per the usual, cologne, and movies. I got new slippers, a new wallet, a "but first, coffee" shirt, a backback diaper bag, new king sized pillows, a few books I've been eyeing up, and I'm sure I'm forgetting just a ton of things but suffice it to say it was a very generous morning on the part of my family and I thank you all immensely. 

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