christmas morn part one

Not one for sleeping in, Dominic the Christmas alarm clock woke us up promptly at 6 am. We spent the next few hours playing in the play room and eating Apple Jacks waiting for the bigger kids to wake up, sipping on my first of many cups of coffee while Matt slept another two hours on the living room couch.... I side eyed the living daylights out of him, don't you forget it.

At eight Letty woke up rearing and ready to go and burst into David's room to get him in the same sentiment. David is not Letty. David is Howard Hughes and Howard doesn't like to have his routine messed with. It took some cajoling and some reminders that there may possibly be a Blaze from Santa under the tree to coax David down the stairs. 

And in the blink of an eye there was paper and boxes everywhere along with squeals of delight. David opened Blaze first, quite by accident, and turned heel and left the living room to go get the rest of the monster machines. I needed to remind the boy that there were other gifts under the tree. Weirdo. David also got Paw Patrol undies, a few books, Everest from Paw Patrol, and a nerf gun. Letty got some Shopkins, naturally, a Barbie and convertible, the Anna Coronation dress, lots of crafts to play around with, and a Merida doll. Dominic got a dump truck but preferred that single scrap of wrapping paper as he has no idea what in heaven's name is happening.

Oh and my personal Santa got me the final ring for my stacked ring finger, this one to represent Dominic. It is finished, as they like to say.

It was a mess and it was over in a heartbeat. Just like the rest of the day... Matt told me that Santa did good this year so I think I get a star in my book yes?

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