With the passing of every holiday season and the removal of all that decor that's been clogging up every spare corner of our home I'm left feeling sad. The post-holiday blues are so real to me, silly as they may be. In our old home I would be known to repaint our entire living room. One year I did the foyer, living room and kitchen. This year was nothing as drastic as that, no. But still. Changes! And here we go....

Although this happened before New Year's it was still post-Christmas. Matt made me a sofa table out of pallet wood. Yay!
Then he decided to re make the top of our kitchen table, and I love the change. The original here.
We removed the puzzle floor mat from the play room (because, grossness under there and I am so ashamed) and added a rug we had down in storage... I know. Massive change. but it's so much warmer!
And then the great bedroom domino affect.... Dom's crib wall is shared with our bathroom wall. And flushing our toilet was like, right in his ears. So we decided to switch his crib to the opposite side of the room which would put him head to head with David's wall. So then we flipped David's bed to the other side and pushed it under the window to give him more play area. And then Letty wanted her room changed too.  Which I get, as I used to love doing that when I was a kid. So here they are. Where did they start out at? Along with a little before and after action? Letty's. David's. Dominic's.
Our downstairs powder room got phase one of three completed... phase two being new floors and phase three being a new black toilet and pedestal sink. BUT all that to come at a (much) later date. Phase one was done and that was changing it up from red to this pale gray. You can see where that room started here and another bathroom update here.
Once we saw how awesome the powder room turned out I turned my sights on the kid's bathroom. Because I mean, it glows. So we remedied that right on up. Kid's bath before and after here
I have lately become obsessed with the idea of a black wall. Not a chalkboard wall, but a wall that is just painted black. I carried the idea around for awhile for me, at least a week (haha). There are very few walls in our house this would work on. In fact this is the only wall it would work on. And Matt was just so excited he was practically skipping to Home Depot. You can check out where our family room started here
And lastly is our foyer. The decor came with the house and while I loved it when my mom got it for the previous owner I just didn't love it anymore for me. And so up went Matt to clean the ledge and to bring it all down. Just opens it all up I think and allows the eye to focus on the wrought iron panels and the light fixture. So says I. The foyer has had several makeovers through our two short years here. And here
Hey. Way better than painting all the walls on the first floor... right?