another christmas eve cocktail party

My parents once more hosted their annual Christmas Eve cocktail party. We arrived early with lots of food and all had Chinese. A good base, that Chinese. There was another gorgeous sunset with all this crazy weather we have been having... The three babies went down shortly after seven which gave a brief respite to all the madness. Guests started arriving and we all drank and ate and were generally merry. Matt accidentally dressed just like his old college roommate... Ashley and I might have had too much wine and too much fun with my camera... It was another successful, delicious party with plenty of friends and family and kids and neighbors around!

When the party was done and the car all packed, I snuck upstairs and gently carried a sleeping Dominic out to the car. On the way home each traffic light made him cover his eyes which was pretty much the cutest thing.... but he cried not a tear...

We arrived home shortly after 11, Letty helping me prep for Santa while Matt brushed the boys' teeth. She said a quick passing goodbye to the elf and headed up to bed. I nursed Dom who was very bleary eyed while Matt tucked in the bigger kids. After carrying down a box full of wrapped packages and eating more cookies we sat down to have a final glass or two of wine and watched the end of Pride and Prejudice. Nothing says Christmas to me like Mr. Darcy walking across a dewy field at sunrise am I right? 

Past Christmas Eve parties here and here.



  1. matt and chris. too funny. and you know how i feel about your skinny butt in all these photos. adorable. also mr darcy makes everything better. time to whip that movie out again!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. happy new year dear..
    first of all, the first pic is amazing..
    I want to say that your family is fab..I love christmas time and all the traditions..

  3. These are some good times. You look amazing! Love those shoes. My sister and I have been on a Pride and Prejudice kick lately. Soaking all the different Mr. Darcy's we can. I even started reading the book again. :-)

  4. Ooooo girl you looking GOOD!!! And what a fun family tradition!!

  5. Love the family photo...especially Dom in his Christmas jammies haha :) and just what everyone else said, you look great in that dress! I want to eat the candy cane cookies. :)

  6. woooow all the kids down just after 7?! that's incredible! let the party begin! so much fun! and seriously i can't believe i am just now somewhat catching up on all your blog posts!!


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