an olsen christmas

Still me, still recapping Christmas events. Forever and ever, amen.

A week prior to Christmas we gathered together with Matt's side of the family to celebrate. Now, his aunt and uncle were busy with their tree lot, and his youngest brother doesn't live in this time zone anymore, so it was just us, Olsen Central and Olsen East. And we tried. 

The day itself was spent smelling Steph's lovely potpourri, coloring with Letty, and general lounging. Once the other three Olsens arrived the babies napped and we had wine and then a sausage/pesto/pasta number that we all love of Matt's. Right as dinner was wrapping up Matt got a notification on his phone that the International Space Station would be passing overhead and so outside on the deck we all traipsed to attempt a viewing. We are a bit nerdy like that. And Matt and his brother are very nerdy like that. Then we gave Syd Vicious her present, not that it got Matt anywhere in that department. She still feels very strongly about whatever it is she feels about Matt. And of course Olsen cousin pictures! This time no tears!

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  1. i would like to take a nap in that pasta. and then be woken up with that cupcake. yep. that's how i'd like to spend today. also cute babies. love that photo of matt and david on the couch :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I don't know if I feel worse for Sydney or Matt! ;) haha. Thanks for documenting the night!...even if it was low key and uneventful. Which is definitely not a bad thing! Ha

  3. Nerdy things are fun. We are on the space coast so rockets and such. The other day they launched a rocket (or something) and it landed back again by itself. It was oh so cool. Apparently it was a first of its kind.

  4. oh the festivities!! i bet that potpourri smelled aaamazing because it just looks like it does!!


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